There’s no better way to give light to your garden than by using outdoor string lights. The good thing is that there are different varieties included in the list. Each of this variety has a purpose to serve. Generally though, these outdoor lighting options are created to make your patios or gardens standout even when night falls.

The Varieties

There are a lot of varieties for outdoor string lights. Here are ten of them.

  1. Rope lights
  2. Solar lights
  3. Seasonal lights
  4. Globe outdoor string lighting
  5. Twinkle umbrella lighting
  6. Novelty lanterns
  7. Bamboo lanterns
  8. Homemade lanterns
  9. LED string lighting
  10. Holiday lights

Six of the Most Popular Outdoor String Lighting Varieties

Out of the 10 listed varieties for outdoor string lights, there are popular types to consider. Here are six of them.

  • Rope Lights

Rope lights can simply be left hanging through your plants and gazebos. At times, you may utilize it to light up your swimming pools or mark the steps on outdoor staircases. These different things classify rope lights as very versatile types of outdoor lighting. Rope lights may be simple but they are elegant and durable.

  • Solar Lights

If you want to save on electric consumption and you still want to enjoy light in your gardens during nighttime, solar lights give a solution to your problem. These outdoor light variations require lesser maintenance than other types. Additionally it operates even without the presence of batteries.

  • Bamboo Lanterns

Also known as matchstick lanterns, these varieties for outdoor string lights attract consumers because of their earthy and natural appeal. They may produce dimmer lights but they create a perfect atmosphere for condo owners who share balconies with other people in the building.

  • Homemade Lanterns

Homemade lanterns may be made out of different materials including paper, beer cans and soup tins. In short, all you need are things that come from the home. You may use one to add to the captivating sceneries in your backyards.

  • LED String Lights

If you are an environmentalist, installing outdoor LED lights in your patios will never make you feel guilty about your electric consumption. Just like solar lights, these versions are capable of saving energy. Despite this, you do not need to sacrifice the colored lights you want for your garden.

  • Holiday Lights

Who would ever forget the outdoor string lights for the Christmas season? Well, these string lighting systems indeed add to the glow and excitement of the holidays. The good thing about holiday lights is that you have the chance to enjoy them even during other seasons of the year. Now, you may simply leave these lights in your garden all year long.


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